Two very different things came up today both of which I have done. I was married in the Church of England and as far as I know I had to be baptised to be able to do this. However this opened a conversation about other faiths which I could not answer as I have none or very little knowledge of.  I assumed ( which is wrong ) that in the eyes of the church one would have to be apart of the house of Christ but then is the church not supposed to be open to all. Very difficult one.

And seeing someone in a chapel of rest…. I was 22 and it was my mother. Some people I know need to do this and it gives comfort but I feel it should be up to the individual to decide as it can be a traumatic experience and stay with you for life. I remember my father telling me that my mum looked beautiful and my aunt telling me to kiss my mother and I would forget. Well all I can say is don’t listen to anyone but yourself and if you don’t want to go and view don’t. It’s not for everyone. I found it very upsetting and I couldn’t touch my mother let alone kiss her. And I will never forget. Go with your gut and not with what other people want you to do, you are in control.