Today 16/9/2017 I heard a phrase that I had never heard before. Now we know that people young and old want to be known as different gender and a lot of young people feel the need to experience and experiment different things but being “gender fluid” I don’t believe it! This is when you dress feminine one day and more masculine the next.  Now I am and have always been a tomboy, as a young girl I climbed trees, built camps, hid in water tanks on a farm and spent harvest in a tractor cab or grain trailer and then in 1977 went to work on the farm and it was an arable farm, so I drove tractors and I then progressed to lorries. I dressed everyday in a masculine way! But never once did I feel male. My hair was short and I wasn’t fond of a dress but I wasn’t gender fluid. To this day I wear beautifully tailored waistcoats and brogue shoes and very little makeup but I am female and happy to be that. I found the expression very unsettling and it’s definition even more. I said to my husband ” what does that make me? ” however I do now wear a skirt and dress on occasion. It really does bother me that in today’s world everything we do or we are has to have a label. Why? Life was so much simpler when I was a child. A harder life financially but regarding pier pressure and all this social media tosh far much easier. I am not connected to my mobile phone, don’t even know the number. Not over technically savvy but I am glad I am the age I am.