Yesterday I went to see my lovely spiritualist lady who gave me a reading. Now I know some of you out there think what a load of cobblers, tosh , rubbish, total nonsense but don’t mock it as we are all individuals and all have our own quirks and that’s what makes life interesting.

Well, apparently I am neglecting my in take of vegetables. And to honest it’s true, been a bit lazy during the summer where food prep is concerned and not bothered to much. I had been really enjoying a Mediterranean diet loads of fish and veggies, so must try harder.

Now today I decided to cook a vegetable curry, sounds great. But then I thought put some chicken in it? Yep sounds like a plan. Open freezer pull out chicken breast, leave to defrost and yum yum in my tum later on.

Preparing vegetables is very tedious and I find I nibble my way through the operation. Job done all in the pot cooking away, now for the chicken. Ready to prep… go to refrigerator remove the dish and open it up……. only to find the dogs smoked haddock looking at me. How stupid can I be! Never had curried smoked haddock before, wasn’t about to try it.

Yes You guessed it I ended up with a vegetable curry which even if I say so myself was really delicious, and my lovely dogs enjoyed their smoked haddock for their tea. Moral of the story…..label your freezer bags next time.