So I have decided that dieting is stupid and not for me. I am a secret Mars bar eater and I don’t weigh myself far too depressing and life’s to short. This morning I had a light bulb moment and it dawned on me that if I can’t see my pubic hair without breathing in then there’s a problem. That’s my diet indicator. Works for me.

Another thing that really gets to me is my hair. Talk about bed head, I’ve got it, full on bed head. If it’s not cut and thinned on the top it looks like I’ve got a tepee on my head or I look like Tintin. Not a great look. Apparently people pay hundreds of pounds to have my hair style. I got a bit fed up being told that my hair won’t do as it’s told by my hairdresser, it can’t be that untameable!

The other day I dyed my hair brown, done this before loads of times but this time when I took the towel off my hair was jet black. I screamed and put the towel back on my head. Couldn’t bear to look at it. It was so awful that I hunted a product that would strip all the colour out. It cost a tenner, took an hour but it was the best tenner ever spent and although at the time it seemed to be the longest hour of my life it was well worth it. Now I am back to my natural colour dark brown, phew nightmare.

But I suppose most woman do this sort of thing, I guess we never stop learning by doing stupid things whatever age we are.