Ummm I stopped watching East Enders when a baby was stolen out of its cot as it was to distressing . Now that was many years ago and I have never watched it since. Totally weaned off of it so much so can’t stand to even hear the program in the background all the cockney shouting, it sound a like thunder in my head. I suppose it was like giving up smoking, just stop. Tough it out, because there is always the temptation to sneak a peak, go cold turkey and quit the nasty habit of soaps.

So I have done it once, now I find myself in the same position with Emmerdale! Thursday night I was talking to the TV and myself, telling myself what a load of absolute rubbish and unbelievable rubbish that it was. Even worse how far fetched it was becoming. I don’t know if I was more annoyed at the TV or myself. I told myself not to watch it anymore.

Poor Lawrence being set up by that horrid Robert….. nope they have gone to far this time. Whatever next. I didn’t find it entertaining, funny or a good story line. I found it was taking advantage of a vulnerable person . Me not like.

I only started to watch this soap when I was visiting my sisters in Wiltshire as they were hooked on who tried to kill Kane. Well I worked that one out, Zak and I was correct. But then I was hooked ! Now I have to become unhooked.

I was that bothered about it that I asked my class this morning if any of them had seen the episode . Well they were laughing at me as I was taking it all so seriously. They were saying it’s only a TV program and one man in the class was in stitches when I tried to explain what went on. I sort of had to put in to very polite wording and not at all rude. And that made it sound even funnier. It gave my class a good laugh and I got it off my chest.

Strange how some things really bother me…. didn’t watch it tonight so that’s a good start. I am very determined. I wonder if I will have to dump Coronation Street next then I will be soap free……