I go to an art class on a Thursday evening and have done so for about 10 years, its great fun. The class members come to draw paint and learn but also to enjoy each other’s company and never a day goes by when one of the older members lets slip a cracker, on this occasion we were talking about woman getting their feet whipped and how painful it looked and must be. a few of us had seen it on TV , well one lady in her 70s shouts out, “Theres a name for that, it’s called, fellatio“. Well the whole class including myself just about fell off our chairs. there was this awkward silence and everyone just looked at each other in horror. I had to say something, so I just said “Um I think that might be the wrong word!” What else could you say……… later on I did explain what fellatio ment but wasn’t 100% sure it was understood anyway the following week the correct word was introduced to us all by said same person Bastinado that means to whip feet.